Opioid Use Disorders

Opioid Use Disorders

CMHS specializes in the use of medication for substance use disorders with outpatient treatment, residential treatment, group and individual counseling.

Medication has been proven to:

  • Increase treatment retention
  • Improve social functioning
  • Reduce risk of relapse
  • Reduce criminal activity
  • Reduce the risks of infectious disease transmission

CMHS offers the following FDA-approved medications for substance use disorders:

  • Naltrexone (“ReVia”, “Vivitrol”)
  • Buprenorphine (“Suboxone”)
  • Disulfiram (“Antabuse”)

Statement from one of our consumers:

“Vivitrol has saved my life. I’m a different man.”

CMHS is committed to providing quality individualized care. Talking with your treatment provider about utilizing medications to assist in your recovery is important and can be scary.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • How can medications help support my recovery?
  • How long will I be on the medication?
  • In addition to taking medication, what other steps can I take to support my recovery?