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Family stability and togetherness is a vital part of the foundation for good mental health for children and youth.

It is the goal of CMHS to keep the family unit intact while working with children and youth to build the skills needed for positive peer and family relationships while learning to manage and regulate their emotions and behaviors.

CMHS works with children and youth ages 6-18 with serious emotional/behavioral health issues. Each child/youth is partnered with a Community Support Specialists (CSS) who will work with the child/youth and their family in the community, the home, or school setting.

The Healthy Transitions Program is for individuals age 16-25, helping them to successfully transition into independent living and adulthood. The CSS will support the young adult through helping them access needed resources, modeling and practicing independent living and social skills, and assisting them in with education and/or employment goals.

There are times when a child or youth may benefit from a brief out-of-home placement. This program is open for children and youth aged 6-17 who have severe emotional and behavioral challenges.

This program is for children or youth who need a less restrictive environment than hospital-based care or residential treatment and are having difficulty remaining in their present home setting or require transitioning from a hospital-based setting or residential facility back to their natural home. Licensed parents provide a therapeutic home environment and work with the parents/guardians, the young person, and their treatment team to stabilize behaviors and transition back into the home.

The Family Support Provider (FSP) is a parent who has had a child or youth with emotional and/or behavior issues. It is a peer-to-peer support to assist parents/caregivers through sharing resources, navigation through the systems, and sharing their own story of building resiliency and hope. FSP services are for those with children or youth ages 6-17.

CMHS participates in the Children’s Enhancement Project (CEP), which is a collaborative approach designed to allow children and youth affected by serious mental, emotional or behavioral disorders, or dual diagnoses, stay in their own communities.

For more information on the program, please visit the Children’s Enhancement Project website.

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