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24 Jan
Burrell Behavioral Health, Comprehensive Mental Health Services complete merger, announce plans to expand services in Eastern Jackson County
Category: General, News
The Boards of Directors for Independence-based Comprehensive Mental Health Services and Springfield, Mo.-based Burrell Behavioral Health have signed formal documents finalizing a m...
11 Nov
Veterans Day
Veterans Day
Category: General
On Veteran’s day we take the time to reflect, honor, and show our appreciation to our brave Veteran’s. Choosing the military life is a selfless sacrifice given to protect our freed...
05 Nov
Stay on Track - Contingency Management
Stay on Track: Contingency Management
Category: General
The purpose of this program is to encourage you with an incentive that rewards you for being accountable in your recovery process. We want you to be successful, and to achieve grea...
01 May
Dwain's Story
Dwain’s Story
Category: Testimonials
I began using at the age of 12. I would sneak into my parents liquor cabinet and sneak a bottle of anything I could. I would meet up with my friends and get loaded off my liquor an...
01 Apr
24 HWY Building
CMHS Expanding Into New Location on 24 HWY
Category: News
CMHS is excited to announce the purchase of a new location that will allow for better access for services for those who live in the Northeastern portion of our service area. CMHS p...
01 Mar
Jessica's Story
Jessica’s Story
Category: Testimonials
When Enough Is Enough My entire life I lived in the mindset of “I need more” no matter what it was. Shopping, sex, drugs, drinking, drama, food–I lived to always ...
01 Feb
Sarah's Story
Sarah’s Story
Category: Testimonials
During the last presidential election, I was sitting in the county jail, a convicted felon back again for a probation violation. No idea how many times I’d been arrested at this po...
01 Jan
New Connections
Construction and Renovation at New Connections Completed
Category: News
Our transitional housing facility, New Connections, received some much-needed upgrades in the form of a full kitchen renovation and construction to open up more office and group sp...
01 Dec
Lauren's Story
Lauren’s Story
Category: Testimonials
My journey to recovery can be broken up into a two-part series. The first was my addiction to heroin. I was the anomaly—the child who wanted to be a heroin addict. I wanted to look...
01 Nov
Jenna's Story
Jenna’s Story
Category: Testimonials
My journey started 6 years ago when I decided to turn my life around and get clean–June 16, 2014. It’s still a miracle because I can look back and remember when I could...
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