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01 May
Dwain's Story
Dwain’s Story
Category: Testimonials
I began using at the age of 12. I would sneak into my parents liquor cabinet and sneak a bottle of anything I could. I would meet up with my friends and get loaded off my liquor an...
01 Mar
Jessica's Story
Jessica’s Story
Category: Testimonials
When Enough Is Enough My entire life I lived in the mindset of “I need more” no matter what it was. Shopping, sex, drugs, drinking, drama, food–I lived to always ...
01 Feb
Sarah's Story
Sarah’s Story
Category: Testimonials
During the last presidential election, I was sitting in the county jail, a convicted felon back again for a probation violation. No idea how many times I’d been arrested at this po...
01 Dec
Lauren's Story
Lauren’s Story
Category: Testimonials
My journey to recovery can be broken up into a two-part series. The first was my addiction to heroin. I was the anomaly—the child who wanted to be a heroin addict. I wanted to look...
01 Nov
Jenna's Story
Jenna’s Story
Category: Testimonials
My journey started 6 years ago when I decided to turn my life around and get clean–June 16, 2014. It’s still a miracle because I can look back and remember when I could...
01 Oct
Bethanie's Story
Bethanie’s Story
Category: Testimonials
I hate you, yes you. The soulless dead eyed creature staring back at me. You have ruined it all in your pursuit for one more. I hate you for the degradation, the humiliation and th...
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